47 Posts of Fun Activities For The Elderly Who Are Young At Heart

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by Senior Citizen Housing Staff on September 7, 2010

The Golden Years, the years after retirement, are sometimes considered the slower years of one’s life. These blogs will prove that even those past retirement age can participate in many fitness classes, games, and social activities; showing that senior citizens do not have to slow down or stop feeling young at heart just because they are older. Many of the activities are geared towards those that still live independently in their own homes, but there are a small number of articles discussing how to stay active once an older adult is placed in a residential care facility.

Besides physical activity, it is also important to continue to work one’s cognitive and social aspects of the body as well. Memory games, puzzles, board games are a few ways to continue exercising one’s mind. Dating, bingo, and teams sport are healthy ways to continue social interaction well into one’s later years.

  1. Love to Know: Lists activities for seniors that are independent and can do activities on their own, and also a small list of activities for those seniors in nursing homes.
  2. Excellent Senior Activities: A comprehensive list of activities for social seniors who like to do group activities.
  3. Seniors-site: Activities for those seniors that are in nursing homes and cannot get outdoors.
  4. Seniorark:  A site with a list of 57 hobbies that a senior can do and may enjoy, including indoor and outdoor activities.
  5. Suddenly Senior: A funny site with jokes, cartoons, and games that seniors may enjoy. Also provides activities and hobbies for the young minded.
  6. Boomers With Parents: Geared towards adult children and how to create activities for your elderly parents to keep them fit and active.
  7. Aging: Article for adult children with parents that have dementia, and gives ideas that they can still do together.
  8. Keep Seniors Active: Provides information that is in a report that family members can purchase about recreational activities that a senior can do.
  9. 9.  Scum Doctor: Site focusing on cognitive activities for the senior, and how to keep mind active and busy.
  10. NASA Squirrel: An organization that provides assistance to the elderly that would like to participate in outdoor activities.
  11. Music Outreach: A site with free (printable) resources for musical outreach tot he elderly. Designed by monthly activities that one can do with a senior.
  12. Parent Giving: For adult children who want to keep their elderly parents from getting depressed or melancholy by giving them activities to do.
  13. Senior Kaboodle: Help your aging parents feel independent and keep enjoying life well beyond retirement age.
  14. Today’s Senior Magazine: Fun games for the active senior, involves board games, bingo, and other fun ways to be social.
  15. Ask Mike : Brain games to keep the aging mind young and fresh, geared towards the older mind.
  16. Health Boards: A forum discussing old age and activities that seniors can do, focuses on what family members can do to assist their older relative in staying active.
  17. Help Guide: Article about senior citizens using fitness to gain energy and feel stronger. Examples of exercises and stretches for the older adult.
  18. Canville: Starting a hobby in older age can increase your happiness, add years to your life and make the retirement age more enjoyable. Written by a geriatric social worker who has years of experience working with older adults.
  19. Mabels: an interesting article about senior citizens starting new hobbies. From a UK perspective.
  20. Recreation Therapy :D iscussion by a Certified Recreation Therapist about the importance of leisure and recreation in the older population.
  21. Wilderdom: A website with many different group physical activities that can be  and all can be modified for seniors to do as well.
  22. Baby Boomers Planning for Retirement:Retirement travel should be planned before you are retired, so you can save for it and plan well.
  23. Community College Review: College courses for senior citizens are a great way for retired adults to spend time and keep their minds young and active.
  24. Get Mom Moving: a site dedicated to getting older adults to become more physically active in their older years.
  25. Vickstrom Law: An elder law attorney discusses the importance of senior care centers and elders having a strong social group.
  26. London Ancestor: An article written in the UK about dating over the age of 50:how, when, and where to do it.
  27. Senior Dating: An organization created just for senior dating with tips, news, and places to visit.
  28. Senior Journal: discusses sexuality in the senior citizen, and the healthy benefits of a continued intimate relationship.
  29. Senior Citizens Guide: Discusses how sex after 60 is a natural part of life and how         beneficial it is to staying active and feeling young.
  30. ABC of Yoga: Discusses yoga for the elderly. Many recreation centers and yoga ashrams are offering classes for senior citizens; can help arthritic bones, agility and overall health.
  31. Ask Yogi Marlon: A site that shows various yoga videos for seniors, led by a certified yoga instructor.
  32. Yogawiz: Yoga for seniors focuses on keeping fit and relaxation, with a focus on preventing symptoms of chronic illness (i.e., diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc).
  33. Heartflex: This workout device and video show how to improve heart health, which increases a senior’s independence and ability to live alone.
  34. Eldertreks: A website that plans trips for senior citizens, ranges from safaris to backpacking.
  35. Retirement Online: How to make retirement fun: volunteering, working, traveling or spending time with family.
  36. Retirement  Jobs: Jobs that can not only add to your retirement income, but they are fun too.
  37. Grandloving: Have fun with your grandchildren: this website has games, activities and trips that a grandparent can do with their grandchildren.
  38. Grandcrazy: Grandparents are supposed to spoil their grandkids, and this website has fun and crazy ways to do it!
  39. Experts Town: Golf is a favorite past time for many senior citizens, and this article discusses how to make golf enjoyable throughout old age.
  40. Grandma Betty: A great site with compiled lists of fun things older adults can do: exercise, word games, hobbies and trips.
  41. Pruneville: A funny site with jokes, games, and stories geared towards senior citizens and their caregivers.
  42. Memory Jogging Puzzles: Memory jogging games for those elders that have memory loss issues. Geared towards art from their generations, with art they grew up with.
  43. Buffalo Gamebuffs: An article discussing the benefits of board games in prevention of Alzheimer’s and memory loss symptoms.
  44. Senior Resource: An informative website with financial, housing, and retirement options for senior citizens.
  45. Stay Young: English article about working out safely at home into well into old age.
  46. Greenway:A website with a list of books, videos, and websites seniors can use to learn strength building exercises and cardio activities.
  47. Life Alert: Eating well as age. A registered dietician discusses how nutrition can help older adults feel better, stay healthy, and live longer.

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